Watch Susan’s Latest Music Video “Walkin’ Away From Heaven”

It’s been an absolute pleasure and honor to work with the Battleship Texas Foundation in the process of writing, producing, recording my song “Walkin’ Away From Heaven” along with playing a part in making this nostalgic video. Not only was the USS Texas BB-35 the first battleship to be turned into a museum, this ship served in some of the most significant battles of the 20th century… and now it’s the first to have a music video tribute in the 21st century! 

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“Walkin’ Away from Heaven”

by Susan Giacona

Walkin’ Away From Heaven, written and performed by Susan Giacona, depicts a timeless love story where a serviceman, who is a husband and father, is leaving during wartime. The patriotic song shines as a touching tribute to the brave men who served their country and to the families they left behind.

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This music video was filmed upon the historic USS Texas, a 573’ long battleship docked along the The Houston Ship Channel in La Porte, Texas. The ship was originally commissioned in 1914 as “the most powerful weapon in the world”,  Today the ship is preserved and has been developed into a premier museum and one of the coolest attractions in the state of Texas.

The USS Texas is the last surviving Dreadnought and the only battleship on the planet that fought in not just World War 1 but World War 2 as well. Originally the ship fired 1,400 pound armor piercing shells up to 13 miles.